Where music and drama combine


Words that describe the ethos of Operama

  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Different
  • Unique
  • Exciting
  • Professional
  • Committment






Membership is open to anyone with a willingness to support the ethos of the company and offer commitment to creating a new and exciting company.


We are also interested in hearing from anyone who would just like to support the company in any way they can.



Okay so let us set some ground rules before we start.


No membership fee to join.


Members involved in a production will be asked to pay a nominal rehearsal fee to help pay for rehearsal rooms. This will include back stage crew, directors, choreographers and PA’s etc.


All scripts must be purchased by members who are involved in each production, but of course these become yours and you may do with them as you wish, this does not apply where we have to hire scripts for musicals from a rights company where there will be a nominal rental fee to pay and scripts and music must not be damaged.


There will also be a production fee for any member wishing to be involved in a production, this is to help cover production costs in the beginning. We would hope that once we are successful this fee can be either reduced or completely waived and should the group start making a profit at each production we hope to start a profit share scheme with cast members.


Unless invited to take part in a specific production for reasons of lack of cast, anyone who wishes to perform in a production will be expected to audition for that production. This may take the form of a formal audition or a play reading, this will be decided by each Director on a production to production basis.


Click here to send an email to enquire about, membership, sponsorship, becoming a friend of Operama or future productions.